Cleaning is a major part of keeping a computer system healthy. Cleaning your computer (internally and externally), is not something that is done very often, especially internally!

Like those in a car engine, cooling fans keep the inside of the computer cool. The air flows over the system motherboard and options boards, into the power supply unit, and is exhausted through the back of the computer case.

In the process, dust particles filter out and build up on various parts and surfaces, which if left unattended will eventually cause disk drive and electrical component failure.

TD & G Computer Solutions Inc. suggests that computers be cleaned at least twice yearly.

A computer cleaning by Wilson Computer Services includes:

Keyboard - vacuuming between the keys
Mouse - removing ball and cleaning rollers and socket
Monitor - vacuuming vents; cleaning case and screen
CPU - vacuuming vents and inside of CPU
Drives - cleaning  floppy and CD-ROM drives


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